Backdrop of my earlier life 

My life has been deeply connected to being in all kinds of places. My studying days were enjoyed in the beautiful and vast land of Australia. It was here I studied Graphic Art and Advertising. But my desire to imprint my footsteps across the globe still took a hold of me. I wanted to see more and I wanted to study more. After Australia I moved to America to study Psychology, Speech and Communication.

Australia and America are the two vast lands with fascinating and stunning landscapes. Having experienced some beautiful cultures, my move to the UK in 2003 led to a romance with London. Though settled in the city, I don’t think I could ever stop what is almost a compulsion to travel.  After all, how can you be inspired for a concept, a mood, a creation, or anything, if you don’t step out of a doorway? I’m lucky to have travelled into the various pockets of the world. Going to exotic places trickles a colour into my life and work which would have less meaning if I hadn’t.

Photography quickly adapted from an interesting hobby to a necessity. Inspired decisions and creations are often spurred by experiences with other people, especially my London based photographers who opened my eyes further to the provocative and unique world of photography.

Looking through that lens presented a whole new meaning to my life and the world around me. I met so many characters within so many backdrops and walks of life, and trekking around the world, wherever it may be, is the ultimate way to experience them. It’s a buzzing adventure when you pack up and go somewhere new and wildly different, whether it’s a spontaneous project or meeting with a client and creating their ideal snapshot.

When I experience something that touches my heart I can’t simply leave it to my memory. I have to capture that moment and I do this because, quite simply, there are too many things I can’t allow to pass me by. 

From high calibre models, to ordinary life… I feel almost everything is deserving of a camera lens’ attention. I’m always looking at life through the lens of a camera and will never stop wanting to find new challenges, experiences, subjects and people to photograph. I’m excited for what may come next and what stories I can tell without the use of words.

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